27 October 2014

The Pinnacle Awards 2015 – Open to Students for Excellence in Business

The Farmers Club Pinnacle Awards are a regular fixture in the academic calendar and present a unique challenge for students to demonstrate their potential. These awards provide students, who are planning to work in the agricultural industry, an opportunity to demonstrate their potential and receive a valuable cash prize.

28 October 2014

ADAS joins the Lancaster China Catalyst Programme

As part of its international development strategy, ADAS has joined Lancaster University’s "China Catalyst" Programme and is actively building relationships with Chinese business partners. ADAS Agri-Food Consultant Leslie Berger describes the programme and its objectives.

30 October 2014

Pouring Milk Down the Drain?

Since March 2014, plummeting milk prices have provided a stark reality check for Britain’s dairy farmers. World over production, coupled with a ban on exports to Russia and reduced demand from China have been cited as reasons for the milk price crash. What can be done to minimise the impact on farm profitability and also future business strategy?


24 October 2014

ADAS and Bluesky Win Overhead Power Lines Survey Contract

A multi-million pound contract to produce the largest ever LiDAR survey undertaken by an electricity distribution network operator in the UK has been awarded to ADAS and Bluesky International. The...

20 October 2014

CEA develop robust field methods for environmental fate & behaviour testing

Cambridge Environmental Assessments (CEA) are part of ADAS UK Ltd., the UK's largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy. Over the past 10 years, CEA’s field fate team have developed and...

17 October 2014

UK Agri-Science and Innovation newsletter Issue 3

ADAS has produced the third in a series of newsletters on UK scientific participation in the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, an initiative that brings countries together...

16 October 2014

Derbyshire dairy farm saves £’000’s a year with a borehole

With water bills of over £10,000 a year, a borehole was installed on a Derbyshire dairy farm two years ago and is expected to pay for itself by the end...

14 October 2014

Important changes to agri-environment scheme payments

Do you need to talk to your bank manager about changes to agri-environment scheme payments? All current Environmental Stewardship Scheme agreements will be affected by changes to the timings of...